• Derek Murray

60-Seconds, Markus Howard

5'11" - 175 lbs

Marquette, Senior


Markus Howard is a baller, and can score as well as anybody in the country.

He creates for himself in numerous ways; he owns an array of dribble moves & is a great shooter off catch-and-shoot and pull ups. Even though he's not very tall, he elevates well on his shots has a nice release point. It's really quick and doesn't need much space to get a good look.

He's also used to carrying the offensive load which I like. In 2018 he averaged 4.7 AST/40mins, which isn't terrible, but for his high USG% and responsibility offensively, I do hope to see that rise next season. His efficiency doesn't taper off too much with volume either; take a look at the chart below.

Defensively some questions arise. His on-ball defense is adequate; laterally quick and decent feet, he contests well for his size and can stay with his man. Off-ball he can get caught watching the play instead of anticipating cuts/passes so that needs to improve; he can also become a liability in switches due to his size, which will continue into the next level.

At the end of the day, Howard is a player I want on my team.

There's always a place for a guy who can create his own shot, seemingly whenever he wants. Yes his defense can improve and at the next level he'll only be able to defend 1's & 2's, but I don't think that's a reason to stay away from MH. He's sure to find himself at Summer League & at camp with a team next year; with elite scoring again he should earn a late selection in the 2020 Draft.

Photo via Chicago Tribune

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