• Derek Murray

60-Seconds, Arturs Zagars

6'3" - 172 lbs


Point Guard

Arturs Zagars is a smart, skilled point guard who is likely to be selected in the 2nd round next year.

First thing you notice when you see AZ play is his vision. He's shown excellent decision making with the ball in his hand, especially in PnR. Really unselfish player who can make correct reads all over the floor. The stat line below is what Zagars posted at the FIBA U18 Europe Championship, which really put him on the map.

He can certainly be turnover prone but I don't feel that it's due to poor decision making. Sometimes he'll leave his feet seeing an open teammate across the floor, or he'll try to fit a ball into a window that's a little too tight; so even on a number of turnovers, I like where his head is.

Zagars is also a smooth downhill driver. He really likes to use his left hand, when going that direction his first step is quick and he can almost always beat his man. I’m fascinated with his finishes at the rim; he’s not that big & not a leaper, but he just finds a way to get the ball off in traffic. He elevates well with excelent body control, and can finish creatively with both hands.

The thing I enjoy most about Zagars' game right now is his IQ. His instincts are strong and he anticipates incredibly well on the offensive end; has great feel in PnR and as a passer. In transition here he fakes a behind the back pass for an easy layup, but my personal favorite is this inbounds play & how he makes a quick decision for an easy bucket.

Zagars may not be an elite athlete, but he makes up for it with the way he plays. Smart decisions, plus vision, and solid ball handling make him a viable NBA prospect. Before we can truly know his stock in 2020, we’ll need to see his 3PT shooting and defense improve. Playing in Liga ACB with Joventut Badalona this year will give us better insight than his previous competition.

Keep your eye on Zagars as we near the 2020 Draft.

Photo via FIBA.com

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