• Derek Murray

60-Seconds, Derrick Alston

6'9" 188 lbs

Boise State, Junior



Through four games this season, Alston is averaging 25.3 PTS (5th in the NCAA), 6.0 REB, and 1.8 AST.

While it's a small, early sample size, his shooting splits are solid: 36.7% from deep and 87.2% from the free throw line.

Once again, most of his threes are assisted, but so far this year it is a smaller number than in 2018 (see report below).

I continue to like his touch from three and his ability to attack the basket.

For how long and lanky he is, he shows great coordination. Movements can be slow & funky, and take time to develop, but he's smooth when he gets downhill.

He anticipates and cuts really well; paired with his length and athleticism, he's a solid lob target as seen here:

He's only gathered 4 stocks in 148 minutes, again, something I believe needs to improve at his length. Even with the lack here, I truly enjoy him as a prospect due to his ability to score.

September 2019

At 6'9" 190 pounds, Alston is as lanky a player you'll see. While he will need to improve his body and add muscle to play next level, his offensive skill set should translate nicely. He's a good ball handler and can create his own shot, especially at the rim. There are times he reaches so far around/over the defender for a layup that it makes the opposing player look really small. He's an efficient scorer finishing 2019 with a TS% of 62.3.

Photo via Bart Torvik

He's got a high release point on his jump shot making it difficult to block; he shot 38.2% from three last year and one interesting thing to me is that 94% of those makes were assisted. DA has good handles so I'd like to see him create for himself more on the perimeter, especially out of PnR and isolations.

One thing I hope for: more blocks. It's evident that the footwork isn't elite yet and down low he can get banged around a bit because of the weight, but I'd love to see him utilize that length and protect the rim better in 2019. Becoming a reliable & switchable defender, which he certainly has the potential for, will make him a real force and improve his 2020 Draft stock.

Photo via BSU Athletics

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