• Derek Murray

60-Seconds, Tyler Bey

6'7, 215 lbs

Small Forward

Colorado, Junior


Bey is an interesting prospect for 2020 because his stock relies heavily on his defensive value. He's a versatile kid who can defend multiple positions and contribute on both ends of the floor; the improvement on one side in particular, however, will affect his draft stock greatly.

Offense: At 6'7 with a 7'1 wingspan, he's an explosive athlete who excels on the boards and in the paint on the offensive end, especially in transition. Bey runs the floor well and is always hunting for a put back or dunk.

Bey is an active cutter with solid feel & anticipation for where lanes will open. He can easily elevate over defenders at the point of attack for layups and dunks; with longer defenders he's shown craftiness and excellent footwork by creating space & understanding how to protect himself with the rim.

Where we run into some issues is the jump shot.

As a spot up shooter in 2018 he ranked in the 8th percentile in spot ups.

Through Colorado's first few games this season, Bey is shooting 25% (2-of-8) from deep & 0% (0-of-4) of all non-rim twos.

Even with the struggles shooting, he's not someone that defenses can just ignore. He's averaging 22.8 points/40 right now, and can be a monster on the offensive glass when fully engaged. Free throws can often help project potential as a shooter, so his 81% is promising.

Defense: Here are Bey's 2018 Synergy numbers on defense.

Bey is a tough kid and doesn't shy away from contact. His long arms and athletic lower body allow him to compete and defend 2-4 effectively, which I think can translate to the next level.

What I enjoy most is his basketball IQ and recognition of when & where to rotate. He's constantly watching the entire floor and knows exactly when to slide and provide help defense.

Bey is always willing to meet you at the rim and compete for blocks, leading to the impressive D-Rtg seen below.

Overall: Maybe I'm biased having seeing Andre Roberson succeed here in Oklahoma City, but I believe there is a place on every team for a long athlete with a high motor and activity on both ends, even when shooting isn't a primary strength.

His defensive IQ and hustle are enough for me to keep him in the 2nd Round at the moment.

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