• Derek Murray

Aaron Henry

Shooting Guard, 6'6 - 215lbs

Michigan State/Sophomore

Aaron Henry is full of untapped potential, putting up decent numbers and advanced stats in 2019 but he's got more to prove. He’s rangy, strong and going into sophomore year has a body that’s on its way to being NBA ready. Almost everything he does is done with toughness. From his first step off the dribble & transition dunks, to defensive intensity & shot blocking, he does things aggressively. His USG% was only 15.6 but that figures to rise significantly in 2019-20 (especially with recent news regarding the health of Josh Langford). Very few of his stats jump off the sheet at you, but with continued consistency at higher volume, he can become a more coveted prospect.

Athleticism: He’s 6’6 and 215 pounds, and has a reported 6’10 wingspan. He’s got easy hops off both 1 or 2 feet, and is fluid when turning his hips quickly. Great lateral movement and strong body, which he uses well on both ends of the floor. Henry is an excellent athlete and it should only get better as he develops.

Offense: Henry is a real threat to score multiple ways. He's decent in catch-and-shoot & excels off the dribble. He's got a mean pull up jumper from 15 feet, stops on a dime and can elevate over the defender. AH anticipates well, when he receives a pass he seems to already have a plan in his head; doesn't hesitate very often which I appreciate. Sometimes he tries to move too quickly and it can result in turnovers, but he's generally a solid decision maker. Excited to see him have a more prominent role in the MSU offense this season.

Interesting takeaway from the line above, not one of Henry's 3PT makes last year was unassisted. Going through the film I couldn't even find a dribble between a catch and the shot; while I like that he knows how to get open, I'd love for him to develop a pull-up and take someone off the dribble for 3. Adding this to his repertoire would vastly improve his ability to score and would command respect from defenses.

Defense: AH’s isolation and positional defense is really solid, explaining why Izzo had him guarding Barrett & Culver in their respective games. He has quick feet & active hands, and does a deceptively good job at contending shots. His long arms make getting good shots off difficult. At times he overruns closeouts and gets beat off the dribble, but he recovers well because of sheer athleticism. He’ll need to put on some weight as bigger guards can get into his body and push him off to create space. If he eliminates that option for them, he can be a true lockdown defender. He’s a ballhawk and will battle for rebounds; this year we should see an uptick from the 3.8/gm in 2018.

Another memorable moment from last year is the time Izzo really let him have it during a timeout. It was a big moment which received lots of media scrutiny, but what it showed me is the coachability of Henry as a player. I really appreciate this mentality out of the guy, and makes me like him even more as a prospect.

Swing Skill: Volume 3PT & FT shooting.

Photo via msuspartans.com

Overall: Henry is a tough, versatile player on both ends of the floor. He can create his own shot, provide excellent defense, and plays with great motor. There’s very little in the game that he cannot do, but we’ll need to see consistency over increased USG in 2019. I believe his game will translate well to the next level, with his shot creation and 3PT+ being the greatest factors in his draft position.

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