• Derek Murray

Alex Caruso - 1/18

Alex Caruso

By Derek Murray

Setting - Live Game

South Bay Lakers at Oklahoma City Blue (1/6/18) Box Score

I evaluated AC based on his two-way contract with the LA Lakers.

Alex Caruso is a player that I have had my eye on for quite some time, and he showed why

once again tonight. He showed a great feel for the game and high basketball IQ, while delivering underappreciated athleticism and quickness.

At 6’5 185, AC is a larger PG and uses it to his advantage every time he can. He sees over

smaller defenders well in PnR situations, and is athletic enough to attack the rim against bigs. Last year, the main thing I hoped for AC to improve was his scoring - which he has done tremendously in LA. He is averaging 18 PPG with an eFG of 59% and 3P% of 40%. Tonight he contributed 18 points on 6-of-12 shooting and 4-4 FT, he is an 84% FT shooter this year, up 10% from last season.

What I like most about AC is his energy. He was very vocal on the bench trying to help out and coach his teammates throughout the night. He is also vocal on defense, calling out majority of screens even when his man wasn’t involved. This type of energy on defense led to 3 STL tonight, up on his season average of 2.2 per contest. Defensively I think his footwork is adequate, but not elite. He does well staying in front of is man driving to the rim but will need to get a bit quicker for the next level. AC’s strongest skill on D may be his anticipation of plays and passes. He can feel passing lanes being created and does a good job of filling them.

Caruso’s aggressive nature leads to some turnovers that can be avoided, but I like where his

head is at with each one. He rebound well for a guard when he wants to, and is really strong at finding the open man with the ball. This season he is averaging 7.5 APG, up from 5.2 last year. He delivered passes on target in multiple situations, such as PnR and kick outs while driving to the lane.

AC is a cerebral player, always trying to be one step ahead of his opponent. This mentality,

along with his physique gives him the potential to play at the next level. If he can continue to

shoot the ball as well as he is now, he could earn solid rotation minutes as a combo guard in the NBA.

Futures Bucket: Rotation

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