• Derek Murray


DATE: 8/15/19

GAME: FIBA U18 Europe Championships



BODY/ATHLETICISM: 6’4” with long arms, runs well with good balance and lower body strength. Not afraid of contact when he’s the smaller player, sets good screens on bigs.

SHOOTING: His shooting is a large question mark. From deep he has simple, smooth mechanics that look good, but the shots just do not go in. He can create separation with ballhandling and effective step-backs, but the shots don’t fall. Through 6 games he is 1/13 from 3PT. Same goes for FT shooting: mechanics are clean but he misses way more than he should.

POSITION OFFENSE: Looks comfortable as the PnR handler. Decent ballhandling skills and good balance when driving and passing. He ends up off-balance more than he should on jumpers & layups, but this is due to rushed decision making and not lack of physical ability. Good vision & passing in both transition and in the paint, but will occasionally put himself in turnover-prone situations by driving too soon or telegraphing passes. At the next level I think he’ll have good vision and be able to distribute the ball effectively.

DEFENSE/REBOUNDING: Gets put in PnR quite often, his lateral quickness isn’t the greatest which allows the opposing guard to get off a jump shot. With his length he provides good ball denial on passes. He’s not strong enough to fight through the screens yet so he loses a step going under/over. Poor closeouts on 3PTs will need to improve.

MISCELLANEOUS: Scrappy player w/feast or famine shooting.

OVERALL RATING: Low-Major Division 1. He’s a scrappy player with high effort on the floor. His length and comfort in the PnR will allow him to develop and continue to get better, but until he figures out how to shoot consistently he won’t reach his full potential at the next level.

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