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Draft Watch: Ok. State vs Oral Roberts


Oklahoma State vs. Oral Roberts

Kevin Obanor, ORU

Height: 6'8

Weight: 225

Class: Sophomore

College: Oral Roberts


- Physically impressive, appears to have a strong lower body

- Plus athleticism, can elevate well

- Strong finisher on cuts, can also pick & pop for threes

- Strong on ball defense

- Good motor in half court defense


- Seems lost in transition defense

- Hit his first three point attempt, then took some questionable shots too early in shot clock.

- Post up footwork


- I'm not sure what his offensive role is at the next level.

- Feel for the game & awareness in transition is lacking.

- I was really hopeful and excited to see Obanor in person for the first time, but came away with hesitations. Will need to clean up decision making and develop as a 3-level scorer before we discuss the next level of hoops.

Isaac Likekele, OSU

Height: 6'4

Weight: 210

Class: Sophomore

College: Oklahoma State


- Strong upper body - solid frame and shoulders

- Can body thinner guards down low on both ends

- Rebounds well for a guard - combination of activity and length

- Long arms - reported 6'10 wingspan

- Strong on ball defender

- Good driver, not the quickest but can get downhill with physicality


- Shooting touch may be a problem


- His offensive strength will be attacking the rim and passing out of it

- Vision is good, but it will need to be great in order to create without threat of pull up three

- ORU plan was to sag & let him shoot, and he never took advantage. Does he trust his shot?

Yor Anei, OSU

Height: 6'10

Weight: 225

Class: Sophomore

College: Oklahoma State


- Really tall and long, 7-foot wingspan

- Agile and flexible, can contort his body on finishes

- Decent touch on hook shot

- Really good motor on the glass at both ends of the floor

- Hedges well on the perimeter

- Fast thinker - feels and anticipates pretty well

- Shot blocking machine


- He appears to have good floor game and makes decisions quickly.

- The way he runs and lands really worries me. It's an awkward, all-toe-no-heel movement and I constantly about his knees & hips long term. I'm no doctor and claim zero knowledge of joints, but it's quirky enough to make me nervous.

Next game in Stillwater: December 8th vs. Wichita State.

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