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Gabriele Procida

Gabriele PROCIDA (ITA)

Small Forward, 6'5

CLASS: 2002

FIBA U18 Europe Championships

(updated 8/19)

BODY/ATHLETICISM: Long and lean 6’5. Pretty thin right now, but has plus athleticism and bounce. Runs very well and looks light on his feet. Long arms and a good vertical jump help on the boards and contesting shots. Quick feet and lateral movement is plus.

SHOOTING: Promising catch-and-shoot prospect. He only shot 30% in this tournament and went through some cold stretches, but I think he can become a reliable 3PT shooter. When he was rushed or delivered the ball late in the shot clock, he fell away on the release and the shots weren’t really close. When he confidently stepped into the shot, he made them at a good clip and looked promising. Mechanics start low and release point could be a bit higher.

POSITION OFFENSE: Spends most of his time at the 3PT line waiting for a catch-and-shoot. Often quick to pass and relocate if an initial shot isn’t available, gives the impression he’s not comfortable handing the ball. Ballhandling is average, maybe slightly below. Length helps him score at the rim on drives, but he’s unbalanced often and the shot selection isn’t great. Gets to the FT line often and shoots 71% from there.

DEFENSE/REBOUNDING: High motor and very active hands on defense. Consistent effort to cut off passing lanes and provide help defense. Sometimes he’ll closeout too aggressively and get beat off the dribble, but I’d rather see this than a weak closeout. His length shows itself in rebounding with the ability to go up and over others. He has a nose for the ball on the offensive glass, finding ways behind the defense to sneak in a REB. Defense and rebounding will most likely be his premier skills at the next level.

MISCELLANEOUS: High IQ and feel is evident on defense.

OVERALL RATING: Mid to High-Major Divison 1, Possible NBA/GLeague potential Procida projects as a 3-and-D guy at the next level. He’ll need to put on some weight and be more consistent with his shooting, but his defense and motor should allow him to be a solid rotation player. Still 17 years old so he has some time to develop.

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