• Derek Murray

jaylen morris - 11/17

Jaylen Morris

By Derek Murray

Setting - Live Game Erie Bayhawks at Oklahoma City Blue (11/24/17) Box Score

I evaluated JM based on his minutes played thus far in 2017/18 with the Bayhawks.

A 6’5’ Guard, Morris seems to have excellent feel for the game and basketball IQ. Nothing about his physical make-up made him stand out, but he used his tools and skills effectively. JM has good feel for space and vision, both on offense and defense. On the offensive side, he constantly cuts into open lanes or adjusts his position on the arc in order to make himself available. He had 5 assists tonight, some in transition as well as a no-look pass down under the basket.

Defensively, he knows how to jump into passing lanes. Tonight he registered 4 steals according to the box score (I counted 3) - that being said, his takeaways came from anticipating passes that he was able to get his hands on. The largest weakness JM has right now is the speed of the game. I think the speed of the professional game is too fast for him at the moment, but I also think he will adjust. He anticipates correctly and IQ level seems high, but physically he isn’t able to do everything he wants to quickly enough. Some of his passes are stolen, not because they are poorly thrown, but because he underestimates the speed and reach of the defenders.

His body language doesn’t come off very confident, especially when handing the ball at the top of the key and an opportunity to score. He lacks the killer instinct. Tonight JM seems as if he’d rather be a ‘game manager’ as a PG than a scorer. Morris’s ceiling right now is a G-League rotation player or starter. While his basketball IQ appears high, he will need to become a better shooter and adjust to the speed of the game if he wishes to succeed at this level.

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