• Derek Murray

Johnathan motley - 11/17

Johnathan Motley

By Derek Murray

Setting - Live Game Texas Legends at Oklahoma City Blue (11/14/17) Box Score

I evaluated JM based on his receiving a 2-way contract from Dallas.

His length makes him very intriguing. At 6’10, 230lbs he has a wingspan of 7’4 which he uses to his advantage, especially at the defensive end by contesting shots and filling the passing lanes. He may need to improve lower body strength, seeing he is sometimes displaced in the paint by larger, stronger 5’s. What I like about JM is that he finishes well around the rim, majority of his points tonight coming from dunks and/or putbacks. Flashed some good footwork on post moves on the blocks as well.

I think the key factor missing from JM’s game is the 3 point shot; while he doesn’t necessarily shoot well from the floor, I believe the has the ability to learn. Adding this dimension to his game would allow him to play as more of a stretch-4 and become a mismatch for 5’s on the perimeter. What impressed me the most about JM is his offensive rebounding. Tonight he recorded 8 ORB and appeared very natural in doing so. He finds ways to position himself well and is able to slip in front of defenders and box out - this has resulted in him averaging 4.5 OREB/game this season.

My knocks on JM are mental errors. He led the team tonight with 5 turnovers, which came from trying to dribble too much in traffic, as well as some ill-advised passes. His decision making on both ends of the floor seemed a split-second late, which will need to change at the next level. A number of his personal fouls were results of lazy footwork, which left him helpless as quicker players drove past him.

Motley is certainly a player to keep an eye on. Right now he needs to work on his footwork and jump shooting. With the development of a 3pt shot, and the ability to guard stretch 4’s on the perimeter, Motley can be a 15-20 minute rotation player at the NBA level.

Futures Bucket: Part time Starter

Questions: Is he willing to remove laziness from defensive footwork? Can he develop a consistent 3-point shot?

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