• Derek Murray

Jordan Bowden

6'5" - 194 lbs

Tennessee, Senior

Shooting Guard

Jordan Bowden is an athletic, bouncy combo guard who will try to add his name to 2020 Draft boards during his senior campaign.

One of his strongest attributes is his athleticism; he's an easy jumper off one & two feet and really quick laterally. He's also got good feel & anticipation coupled with strong acceleration. I enjoy that he can make quick decisions into transition and can get downhill in a hurry.

JB is an effortless athlete, and should wow fans again in 2019 with dunks like these.

When looking at the Synergy numbers, it's tough to ignore a guy with jump shot PPP's like this. Bowden has showed excellent balance and ability to create separation with verticality on his shots. I really like the smooth, snap release over his head, making it difficult to contest. He ranks 94th percentile in jumpers off the dribble, and while he's not an elite catch-and-shoot guy, he is certainly reliable.

Bowden is a career 36.5% three point shooter, but a concern I have is his consistency. He can be streaky at times, as shown in the chart below. Because he doesn't have that one, "killer standout NBA skill", he'll need to perform at an elite level from deep in 2019. If he can be more consistent this year and end up near/at the 40% 3PT threshold, he'll draw some serious interest next summer.

Graph via Bart Torvik

Bowden isn't a player to blow you away with any one particular skill or move, but he's fundamentally sound and does the little things right. He's a solid free throw shooter at 81%, and in 2018 he logged 1,000 minutes with a 2:1 AST/TO ratio, averaging only 1.4 TO/40. Without Grant Williams & Admiral Schofield drawing help away from the perimeter this year, I'm excited to see Bowden create his own shots off the dribble.

JB is a big, athletic wing who can score in multiple ways and have a positive impact on the game. He'll be 23 years old on Draft Day, so that may shy some teams away. I think ultimately Bowden will have his choice of GLeague or making good money playing Internationally in 2020, but if he can shoot at an elite level this season we may see him sneak into the 2nd round of the NBA Draft.

Photo via Rocky Top Insider

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