• Derek Murray

Kaleb Wesson

Ohio State/Junior

6'9 - 255 lbs

Power Forward


Wesson showed up this fall having dropped 34 pounds, now weighing in at 255. He shared that NBA executives gave him feedback during workouts before the 2019 Draft and he took it to heart, leading to a cleaner diet and even started boxing with the OSU strength coaches.

His mobility and feet looked noticeably better during the intra-squad scrimmage and run against Cedarville last night. He ended with a 23/7/2 line including 3-for-4 from three.

His quickness has clearly improved, so if he can maintain the strength from the past, he will be a load to handle down on block. He appears to be in great shape and I really hope the discipline pays off on both ends of the floor, especially on the perimeter. He can stretch and shoot when he needs to a 34% from three last season; if he can shoot well again plus defend outside better than he did in 2018, we could see a stellar season out of KW.

Fully expect him to command lots of interest & test the 2020 Draft next summer.

March 2019

Wesson is a traditional big. Listed at 6’9 270 pounds, he’s not very mobile and doesn’t run the floor well. He is skilled, however, and excels in the post offensively. Physically he looks like he is still growing into his body. He’s got an solid frame with plenty of potential to fill out and get stronger. He’ll need to lose 20ish pounds in order to gain mobility, which appears to be possible.

Offensively, KW has good feet and decent post moves. He proved to be quite a load to handle down on the block, both with the ball and rebounding.

On Sunday, Houston had multiple big men who were more athletic than him, but his lower half was able to hold position and draw lots of fouls. He’s got soft hands and good touch around the rim, resulting in 14.6 PPG. Wesson has been effective in pick-and-pops as well, hitting the 3 a bit better than I think defenders expect. His shot is slow and methodical, but his feel for spacing is excellent. This year he hit 26 threes while only 4 all of last season. KW also passes well from the block, he’s capable and willing to distribute across the entire court, even handled double teams well during the course of the Houston game. One of my knocks on KW is how often defenders can dislodge the ball from his hands, he brings the ball down sometimes and it’s an easy strip, so that strength will need to be developed.

Defensively he held his own in the paint, had good feel for where to keep his hands to avoid fouling while still contesting. He did however, become a liability in PnR defense. Multiple times he lost sight of the roll man resulting in lobs. He isn’t efficient in flipping his hips or moving laterally so rolls and isolations become an issue. Ohio State had their guards fight over almost every screen while he was in, and switched more while the backup 5 was in the game. This makes me think they absolutely did not want him on the outside.

With the way the NBA is being played, I worry about his ability to defend the perimeter. I can see him becoming a PnR & iso liability that could be exploited multiple possessions over the course of the game. While I like his scoring and skill set in the post, he will need to improve in other areas before he’s heavily considered as an NBA big. Definitely a player to keep an eye on, because if can continue to grow, he’s got the potential.

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