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Landry Shamet - 12/17

DATE: 12/9/17

GAME: Wichita State at Oklahoma State

SCOUT: Derek Murray

PLAYER/#: #11 - Landry Shamet SCHOOL/TEAM: Wichita State University CLASS: Sophomore HEIGHT: 6’4 WEIGHT: 180 POSITION: Guard

BODY/ATHLETICISM: Long and lean 6’4 with a 7’0 wingspan. Quick feet side-to-side and long strides in straight lines down the floor. Uses his length to his advantage on both ends. Will need to add 10-15 pounds of muscle for the next level, which he has the frame to do. S

SHOOTING: Shamet is shooting lights out this season, 55% from the field, 53% from three, and 91% from the FT line as of today. He has a quick, consistent release on his deeper shots. Tonight he was 4-of-7 from three, a few from sure NBA range.

POSITION OFFENSE: Appears very comfortable with the ball in his hand as the PG. Good vision while passing, tonight he delivered multiple passes in the paint through tight windows. He has a quick first step while driving the lane, this step plus his length cause a lot of fouls on his defender. Tonight he drew 3 fouls in the first 5 minutes on drives. He is comfortable in PnR, scores well at the rim, and also has the ability to find open shooters when their men collapse to help.

DEFENSE/REBOUNDING: He uses his length and quickness to harass his man both with and without the ball. Tonight he showed a strong ability to deny passes off inbound plays and while being run off screens. He was able to move side-to-side quickly and efficiently to block his man from driving the lane, rarely seemed to get caught behind his man.

MISCELLANEOUS: Shamet is very decisive and has a high IQ. He doesn’t seem to hesitate on his shots or passes, he makes his mind up and goes. His IQ shows on both ends, particularly on defense with how quickly he can sense and deny passing lanes. Also noticed tonight that he hugged and high-fived each (what appeared to be) GA/student coach on the end of the bench when coming out of the game - I got a sense that he is a good teammate and easy to work with - just an observation from far away so I would like to look into that.

OVERALL RATING: I think we could see Shamet be drafted in the 21-40 range this off season. If he continues to shoot at this pace and raise his PPG he could sneak into the late first round. His combination of length, speed, and IQ are worth continuing to look at.

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