• Derek Murray

Matt Williams - 12/17

Matt Williams

By Derek Murray

Setting - Live Game Sioux Falls Skyforce at Oklahoma City Blue (12/13/17) Box Score

I evaluated MW based on his receiving a 2-way contract from Miami. Matt Williams, 6’5 210, has a strong build for a guard. He has a great motor which turns non-stop on both offense and defense.

He’s athletic while driving and getting to the rim but isn’t the most explosive player. Williams’ biggest strength is his ability to shoot. He has a smooth stroke from three-point range, including a really quick release in catch-and-shoot situations. MW gets consistent air on his jumps, landing in the same spot each time. Even the shots he missed were good decisions. Tonight he went 3-8 from deep after starting 3-3. Watching his hot start and cooling down so much, gives me the inclination that he can be a streaky shooter. Based on his 2017 game logs he is hit or miss - some nights he’ll shoot upwards of 50% from three, other nights closer to 20%.

Defensively, he has the physical make-up to hang with bigger, stronger guards. His lateral quickness worries me, a few times tonight he allowed his man to drive past him into the paint and score. Showed a strong base and upper body, especially when being switched onto F/C. I did like that his head was always on a swivel, never took one play or possession off on the defensive end. The coaches must not trust his defense too much, for at the end of the game he was subbed off the floor in defensive situations and re-substituted to play offense.

Williams can be a streaky, but has the potential to be a consistent sharp shooter from deep. I would like to see him put more effort into REB & AST and not just sit on the three-point line so much. He’ll need to work on perimeter man-to-man defense and consistency to play at the NBA level.

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