• Derek Murray

Ousmane Dieng

Ousmane Dieng

Point Guard, 6'7"


Athleticism: He’s 6’7” and pretty lean. It’s muscular though and not just gangly, so the frame is there to add even more muscle. He has some really long arms and has plus athleticism; he’s fluid, runs the floor well, and is agile in traffic.

Offense: He has a nice stroke from three, sinking 32% in this event. He was a bit streaky but the release is pretty quick & with his length the release point is tough to contest. I like that he showed catch-and-shoot ability along with scoring off the dribble. He hit a few pull-ups and step backs really putting the shooting potential on display.

Dieng is a well-rounded offensive player. He can score at multiple levels but what I really enjoy watching is driving the lane. He can handle the ball well and keep it away from defenders with his length, coupled with good body control and elevation at the rim. His elbow jumper is soft and smooth, balance and mechanics are on point and he’s so long that it’s tough to block. OD is also an excellent passer; his vision helps him as a playmaker with and without the ball.

Defense: I believe he can defend the 1-4 right now, as well as at the next level with added muscle. He’s got great length, quick feet, and plays with intensity. In this tournament he didn’t let anyone have anything easy; he was pesky on ball and closed passing lanes often. Can slide over and provide help when necessary. He only averaged 2.7 REB/game, but I think that’s due to playing PG and not an inability. He projects to rebound well at whatever position he plays.

Photo via FIBA.com

OVERALL RATING: OD projects as a solid point-forward who can defend multiple positions at the next level. Dieng is well rounded on offense & defense, and will be an interesting player to follow for the 2022 Draft.

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