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Ray Spalding - 1/18

DATE: 1/6/18

GAME: Louisville at Clemson (TV)

SCOUT: Derek Murray

PLAYER/#: #13 - Ray Spalding SCHOOL/TEAM: Louisville CLASS: Junior HEIGHT: 6’10 WEIGHT: 215 POSITION: Forward

BODY/ATHLETICISM: Long and athletic. Fluid movement while running the floor. He flashed athletic ability on a move on the offensive end, caught the ball on the free throw line and made a quick jump step all the way to the block. Length and athleticism allow him to contest shots at the rim. Spalding will need to add 15-20 pounds to be an effective post player at the next level, and he has the frame to do so.

SHOOTING: This season he is shooting 49% from the floor and 67% from the FT line. Today he showed some nice touch on shots near the rim, both on hook shots from the middle and also on the block using the backboard. He shot everything with his right hand, turning to the right so he will need to work on being comfortable on both sides.

POSITION OFFENSE: Established himself well in the paint today. Almost every time down the floor, he ran well and was able to pin his man behind him on the block. Soft, smooth hook shot that was difficult to contest with his long arms. Had trouble handling a few passes/dribbles in the paint, pretty raw when it comes to skill set.

DEFENSE/REBOUNDING: Appears to have decent lower body strength for only being 215 pounds. Used his frame to set a wide base and stay in position for the rebound. While there were few opportunities to show it, he flashed some good footwork and ability to get out and defend the perimeter. Late in the game with 4 fouls he had composure on the defensive end to keep his arms straight up and avoid picking up number 5, while immediately turning around and physically taking the rebound. He is averaging 9.2 RPG and 2.1 BPG on the year.

MISCELLANEOUS: Today, the team showed some lapses in competitiveness, but Spalding did not. He was focused and didn’t take any plays off, which says a lot to me when he could’ve easily chosen to sulk like some of his teammates. He’s aggressive on the defensive end, looking for steals and blocks. While I like to see this, he tends to get himself into foul trouble as a result.

OVERALL RATING: Today he contributed 16 pts and 14 reb, 4 of which were offensive. He shot 8-of-16 from the field and added 2 blk/1 stl. I like what I saw from him in terms of athleticism and maturity. He played a long time at the end and in OT with 4 fouls, and was able to avoid picking up the 5th until he had to. He has some real potential at the next level as a big who can run the floor, contribute on offense in the post, and defend the perimeter. If he decides to enter the draft this year, I could see him going at the end of the 2nd round or selected to the GLeague. Ultimately landing an NBA deal.

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