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Saddiq Bey

*Charts + statistics through 2.15.20*

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Offensive Synopsis

· 94th (!!) percentile spot up shooter; clean, simple mechanics

· Terrific 3PT shooter this season, 46.8% on 126 attempts

· 1.071 PPP on post-ups, not a great leaper but is crafty + has strong lower body

· High IQ with very few turnovers + poor decisions

· Lacks elite burst, first step as PnR/Iso handler doesn't create much space by itself

· Moves really well without the ball, finding space + creating open looks for himself

Defensive Synopsis

· 14th (!!) percentile defender against PnR handler

· Faster players can get around him due to average lateral quickness

· Only 24 blocks in 60 games at Nova

· Great overall feel on defense, solid as a team + positional defender

· Plus+ post defense; uses strength to hold his ground + smart hand placement to avoid fouls

· Solid off-ball defense; gets around screens + denies passing lanes well


Body + Athleticism:

At 6-8, 220, Bey is a big, strong player who can hold his own on multiple levels. He's athletic and has a powerful lower body, but lacks an elite first step. Displays his strength on downhill drives + in the low post on both ends. Vertical is average + he isn't a leaper; may play below the rim often, something to note for the next level. Solid functional strength athlete who generally operates with more power, than speed.

Intangibles + IQ:

Bey plays exactly the way you expect a multi-year Villanova player to. Tremendous basketball IQ. He's a great decision maker + has strong feel/IQ on both ends. He currently holds a 1.67 AST:TO ratio, but he's such a heady player that at times he can be too passive instead of playing with instincts + reacting. Competitor on both ends who can be trusted as a team leader.



Bey projects as an unselfish, high IQ, stretch forward. Most likely your 3rd playmaking + scoring option who can give solid minutes at both SF or PF. Stretching the floor as a three point shooter will most likely be his bread and butter, but he's capable of being a secondary ball handler, as he ranks in the 94th percentile as PnR handler. Moves really well + is intelligent without the ball as he finds space in the defense; a more spread NBA floor should really promote his game.

He's a a strong passer with good vision across the court, so he should be able to create looks and find teammates often. Scores really well at each level, as seen in the shot chart below.


Bey is one of the best shooters in the entire country. Currently shooting 46.8% from three and has a TS% of .611. His jump shot is smooth + consistent, but a bit slow. The speed worries me because at times he definitely needs his space to get off a good look. He does have terrific pre-shot footwork to set himself up though. From deep he generally is prepared for the pass and hardly needs any time to get to the release. 97th percentile spot up shooter; he's a real threat to shoot anywhere on the floor. He's shooting 79% from the FT line on only 62 attempts this season, giving a good but not great indicator that his scorching shooting will continue.

My one note with his shot from deep is the dip with which he drops the ball below his waist.

His footwork is fantastic + is in sync, but look at these photos: check the distance of the defender with the relative placement of the ball. At the NBA level against solid defenders, does he get blocked/contested more heavily? Other players have been able to succeed just fine, but they generally have great bounce or a very high release point.

I believe this can be adjusted and won't be a major issue, just something that I've noticed when slowing things down. I buy his high shooting splits this season as the real deal, I just hope to see the mechanics speed up a bit. By no means is this something that would make me shy away from him.

What has, and can continue to make the dip a non-factor, is how well he moves without the ball. He has innate ability to feel and flow to open spaces the way other elite shooters do. You'll rarely find him sitting in one spot calling for the ball; he knows how to make himself available, which should translate well and provide even more opportunities as the NBA floor spreads out.


Adequate finisher around the rim, completing 63-of-111 attempts. Not going to provide any high flying dunks but he has good touch + craftiness around the basket to create a scoring lane. His FTr of .223 is something I'd like to see increase because he has so many post up possessions. Because the lack of elite bounce is there, he's had to be crafty when scoring at the rim, often playing below it. In order to cash in on the solid shooting, he needs to draw more fouls on the block.

His strength + power are most evident when finishing, as he is able to initiate contact with his frame and move opponents out of the way at tones. 16-of-19 on dunk attempts; doesn’t play above the rim often but he can rise up when he has a step head start.

A lot of his paint misses comes from lack of explosion in the restricted area. He gets blocked more than he should at his size, so posting up regularly will most likely not follow him to the League. Below are two clips where his strength allows him overcome the lack of verticality for points. This finishing will be essential at the next level if he wants to contribute as more than just a jump shooter.


Second on the team in assists, only to Gillespie. He displays solid vision across the floor, especially in the post. Not many drive-and-kick opportunities because out of PnR/Iso he often has trouble getting around his man with speed, so the possession ends as a post up. He passes well out of it to the perimeter + can also drop it off to a teammate in the paint. Average live dribble passer. When coming out of PnR, he doesn't seem comfortable making a quick, one handed pass. He usually picks the ball up or gathers himself for a moment before delivering; again the decision making is good and it's almost always the correct read, but he's going to have to trust his live dribble passing if he wants to handle at the next level. Rarely makes the wrong read or poor pass, as he's smart with the ball and I believe his reliability will translate well.


Team Defense:

His team defense is awesome. Great communication, anticipation, and rotation all while playing various positions on the floor. He seems to have a real understanding of where to be and how to get there quickly. Off ball, he runs around screens well to keep up with shooters, but also provides help when necessary. Bey denies passes at each level + knows how to jump passing lanes without leaving his team or the rim vulnerable.

His closeouts onto shooters are strong and controlled, rarely jumping out of position. He gets to the perimeter quickly with effort and intentionality, which is important for me. Won't ever be a great rim protector as far as collecting blocks is concerned, but he knows how to get in the best position to make a positive play.

PnR + Iso Defense:

For Bey, the key is the first step. When at his best, is hips are fluid + he can slide laterally to stay in front of his man. His 6'11 wingspan then becomes a factor, as seen here.

When he's not at his best, the IQ is there but the lack of lateral quickness is painfully apparent. Allowing 0.959 PPP against the PnR handler, the offensive player can often get around him + downhill rather easily. Once he gets downhill, Bey doesn't have the leaping ability to recover at the rim.

In isolation, Bey's numbers improve, as he's a 60th percentile defender. After diving into the film, the drastic difference in his PnR vs. Iso numbers fall in the screen itself. When alone, he uses his hands + strength well to stop his man. The picks appear to bother him just enough that he hesitates to think, and after the pause, he lacks the 2-step acceleration to catch back up.

It's one of the only concerns I have for Bey at the next level. While he's a smart team + off ball defender, he may become a guy that team try to iso/switch in PnR defensively.

Potential Outcomes

High: Becomes a special 3&D guy, first guy off the bench + ultimately a starter. 40% shooter from deep allowing the offense to stretch the floor; secondary ball handler who can distribute for others. POA defender who can switch onto multiple positions. Allows flexibility with the ability to give minutes at the 3 or 4.

Medium: Above average jump shooter, somewhat stretching the defense. Good decision maker, reliable as ball handler when necessary and can log assists as a scoring threat. Adequate POA defender that can hold his own on each level but gets beat in PnR for lay ins and won't really protect the rim.

Low: Below average 3PT shooting, really limiting his ability to score. Lack of verticality hinders on both ends; not able to score or defend on the post. Still a high IQ player, but physically can't keep up with speed of the game.

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