• Derek Murray

Sasha Mattias GRANT

DATE: 8/15/19

GAME: FIBA U18 Europe Championships

SCOUT: Derek Murray

PLAYER/#: Sasha Mattias GRANT #14 SCHOOL/TEAM: Italy


BODY/ATHLETICISM: Big, strong kid. Wide shoulders and muscular. Plus first step and straight line speed. Above average athletic ability and strong jumper, can elevate when needed. Really fast rim to rim - one foot leap at the rim is really strong.

SHOOTING: Not much finesse in his repertoire. Shot 21% from 3PT in the tournament, on a shot with good arc to it. His release is slow & swooping which sends the ball really high, but before the shot he has a hitch in which the ball comes below his waist. He will definitely need to correct this because at the next level this will cause some serious problems. In the paint, his shot excels when he can elevate above the defender. Not much of a ‘soft touch’.

POSITION OFFENSE: Decent ball handling, sometimes can get out of control but is effective on drives. Strong catch-and-drive instincts with a quick first step and ability to leap off one foot. When he gets trapped under length or drove based on a poor decision, his shot is wild and ineffective. I would like to see him post up more since he is so strong.

DEFENSE/REBOUNDING: Can defend multiple positions and seems comfortable switching in PnR. Quick enough for perimeter D and he’s so strong that he can play low. Strong box outs help him seal defenders and gather boards. On offense he follows his misses and gets the occasional OREB. He’s got strong hands so when multiple people contest for the ball he usually comes up with it.

MISCELLANEOUS: Doesn’t use his strength to his advantage enough on offense. Shies aways from contact on finishes. If he would go straight to the rim, he’d get to the FT line more often.

OVERALL RATING: Mid to High-Major Division 1, Possible NBA/GLeague potential His offense isn’t refined, but he’s so strong that it works right now. Catch-and-shoot & catchand-drive seems to be his game. His effort & physicality will translate to the next level, just needs to be taught some finesse.

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