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Tyrese Haliburton

Tyrese Haliburton

Point Guard, 6'5 - 170lbs

Iowa State/Sophomore

Draft Range: 25-40

(updated 8/22/19)

Right off the bat you notice his physique. He’s 6’5, only 170 pounds & is very skinny but he uses what he has well. He’s got a wingspan of 7’0 which allows him to close passing lanes and contend shots effectively. TH is a really savvy player, quick decision maker with excellent anticipation on both ASTs & STLs. He rarely makes mistakes and is an adequate playmaker, making him an intriguing prospect for scouts.

Body/Athleticism: Not only is he thin, he’s only got average athleticism. Not a leaper or big vertical threat; he does have great feet on defense though. Seems to turn his hips really well & has excellent body control. Long strides help him get down the floor quickly in transition. Long term I do think he’ll be able to put on good weight, and long as he fills his frame and length that with added muscle, he’ll be able to hang with bigger guards and turn into an excellent defender at the next level.

Offense: TH buried a whopping 43.5% of his three point attempts last year, but his volume wasn't very high, only averaging 3.3 shots per contest. TH is clearly more comfortable on the 3PT line than he is inside the arc. He shot 67.3% on 2PT attempts last year but took a lowly 1.6 shots per game, we'll need to see more aggression & drives in 2019. He has the length and body control, but when he's run off the line the size and strength of defenders hinders his progress. Another thing he does incredibly well is space; watching him off the ball is great because he's savvy and naturally knows where to find room.

His passing may be his strongest attribute offensively. In transition & half court, TH delivers on time, accurate passes and has elite anticipation. A lot of his assists are so quick that the receiver has only a moment to react. This resulted in him finishing 2nd in the NCAA with 4.46 AST/TO ratio.

Haliburton's TS% and eFG% were extremely high last year. Among players since 2012, he ranks in the 98th+ percentile in both categories while also hitting 86.5% of his shots at the rim. Eliminating jump shots could send his numbers even higher; I'd really like to see him take a Harden-like approach this season: either shoot the 3, drive and hit a layup, or kick for an AST.

Database info derived from Hoop-Math

Defense: Haliburton never lets you have anything easy. He makes passing difficult & find lanes quickly. He also challenges catch-and-shoots well, using his 7-foot wingspan to make up for vertical jump. His on ball defense is questionable though; not because of his feet or skill, but his strength. He's quick laterally and has good hips, but once the handler gets downhill on him or elevates at the rim, the weight difference matters. At the end of the day he's tough to get off shots against, and can be an excellent defensive player at the next level.


Haliburton has already inserted himself into unique company. Only 13 players have had 41% from deep (min 100 att), 115+ assists, and 40+ steals. It's a testament that he does so many things well, I'd just like to see more volume. A lot of players in today's game will give maximum effort of offense but not defense; it's always refreshing to see a well rounded player so I hope to see this continue in his sophomore campaign.

Swing Skill: Adding muscle & high volume 3PT%.

Photo via 247sports.com

Overall: Haliburton’s feel for the game & ability to anticipate cannot be ignored. Really high IQ is evident with quick, on target passes and defensive intensity; if he’ll continue to add muscle these will only get better. If he can continue to make minimal mistakes and show he can score while running an offense, I believe we'll see TH in the mid-late 1st RD of the NBA Draft.

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