• Derek Murray

Tyrone Wallace - 11/17

Tyrone Wallace

By Derek Murray

Setting - Live Game Agua Caliente Clippers at Oklahoma City Blue (11/25/17) Box Score

I evaluated TW based on the Utah Jazz drafting him with pick #60 in 2016.

TW is a big, strong guard with true upside - I think he is a player whose development should be continuously monitored for the future. Wallace appears to be a natural floor general. He was very vocal while handling the ball as the PG, while keeping his head up at all times. Even when dribbling in traffic he kept his head up looking for better options.

TW’s biggest strengths are on the offensive end - primarily his ability to finish at the rim. He showed strength in transition and in driving the lane by finishing through contact and drawing fouls. He also has the ability and size to post up smaller guards and score on them. According to Synergy he averages 1.19 PPP in post up situations. He has a smooth left handed jump shot, averaging 1.31 PPP on spot-ups. The rotation on his shots however, doesn’t look good. I don’t know if he can translate this into 3’s though, on the year he is shooting 27%.

TW is very active on the defensive end of the floor. He was constantly moving his feet fighting through screens, closing out, and providing help defense. He always seemed to be in the right spot on when sliding to give help, and then used his hands to force turnovers. TW made sure to contest every shot he could, even when it wasn’t his man shooting. When he got switched on the bigs, he didn’t seem bothered or out of place at all. Maintained his ground and fought for all the rebounds he could.

I really liked his effort on the defensive end - with his size I think he can be a solid defender at the NBA level. The most intriguing part of TW is his mentality and personality. He was constantly talking to his team, both on the floor and the bench. When he wasn’t in the game he was cheering for his teammates and/or yelling sets/tips to their defense. He also plays very aggressive, and shows confidence in his game. A good number of his turnovers come in transition when trying to make an aggressive pass. He feels the window correctly, but can’t quite execute the throw.

Futures Bucket: Part time Starter

Questions: Can he develop a more consistent 3 point shot?

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